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Acadian On Call Medical Alert

Acadian Cellular Home Medical Alert System

    Acadian On Call Medical Alert System

Our low monthly monitoring fee (starting at just $23.95 a month)  is one of the lowest in the industry.

By pressing the panic button on the medical alarm pendant or the medical alarm bracelet, a wireless signal is sent to your medical alarm console which opens a toll-free two-way communication with the Acadian Medical Alarm Monitoring Center.

Acadian staffs its monitoring centers with medically trained personnel that are available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are injured, ill, or in some type of emergency situation, simply tell the emergency alarm system dispatcher and assistance from your local emergency agencies, nearby friend, neighbor, or family members will be sent to you within seconds.

Our Medical Alarm subscribers experience independence, peace of mind and improved overall quality of life. Acadian plays an integral part of their overall care program by helping to ensure quick intervention in emergency situations.

Emergency Response Medical Alarm Console

A medical alarm system may look like a complex system, however, it has evolved into a very simple system. It consists of two basic components, the medical alarm console and the medical alarm pendant.

Acadian Emergency Response Medical Alarm ConsoleThe powerful speaker system in the console allows for easy communication with Emergency Medical Dispatchers in the monitoring center without having to use a phone.

If you need help and do not have your pendant with you, the large "EMERGENCY" button on the console can be used to contact the Acadian Medical Alarm Monitoring Center.

The indicator lights allow you to see the current status of your console and the medical alarm system. The medical console comes with a self charging 24 hour battery backup in the event of a power outage.

Cellular Home Medical Alert System

The Cellular Medical Alert System works inside and around the home. The cellular home medical alert system by Acadian is our most popular system. It gives you all of the protection offered by our traditional system, only without the need for a home phone line. The cellular medical alert system comes ready to plug in and test. There’s no need to connect phone lines, and your account is setup before it arrives. If you’re looking for the perfect home medical alert system, look no further!

  • Only $34.95 /month + Includes Monitoring!
  • Acadian's Cellular Home Medical Alert SystemNo Long Term Contract
  • Two-Way Voice Communication with EMD Certified Operator
  • Super lightweight, Attractive Pendant or Wristband
  • Waterproof Help Button with LED
  • and Much More!

Special Offer:

OPTION #1 Annual Payment Includes:

  • Free Activation (Save $25.00)
  • One FREE Hanging Lock Box (Save $19.99)

OPTION#2 Quarterly Payment Includes:

  •  One FREE Hanging Lock Box (Save $19.99)

A Recognized Leader...

The Acadian On Call Medical Alert System is recognized as the industry leader and are recommended by doctors, hospitals, home health care providers, agencies on aging, geriatric care managers, social workers and patients across the country. For almost 40 years, Acadian has been providing security and peace of mind to seniors and their families with fast, compassionate care from specially trained emergency medical personnel.

In the event of a medical emergency, accident, fire, burglary, etc.. the medical alert system provides you and your family members with 24/7 emergency medical monitoring. The alert system connects you to emergency medical help, as well as family and friends at the touch of a button.

In today's personal emergency response system marketplace there are many different types of consoles each having a unique appearance. The Acadian Medical Alarm System DOES NOT require any special connection to your existing phone line. When activated, the console will take control of the telephone line and dial the programmed number of the medical alarm monitoring center.

Once connected to the medical alarm system monitoring center, the console becomes a high powered speaker phone. It has a built in speaker and voice module which allows the user to have a two-way voice communication with an emergency dispatcher without the subscriber being near the telephone.

The Acadian Medical Alarm console comes with additional features. For the visually impaired, the buttons on the console have Braille characters. It also has alarms, visual and audible, to notify you of the system's operation. It also comes with a backup battery that will power the unit when power is lost.

For more information about the Acadian On Call Medical Alert, please call 800-259-1234 or complete our Request for Information form below.

Acadian On Call Medical Alert

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