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When a family doesn't know where to start with elder care options, they start with us.

Accountable Aging Care Management (AACM) helps seniors and their families research, select and manage the best care providers for their situation. We help you choose the right eldercare services from reliable and trusted sources near you, in Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio.

The reason we started Accountable Aging Care Management (AACM) was to provide peace of mind for family members and to support the quality of life for aging seniors. That's why AACM provides a unique combination of eldercare consulting and care management today.

Mary Koffend, President - Accountable Aging Geriatric Care Management
Mary Koffend

We offer an objective*, third-party perspective on both the resources available through community organizations and through paid service providers. We will manage the ongoing care situation as you need.

Accountable Aging Care Management was  founded in 2002 by Mary and Mick Koffend, specializes in helping families navigate the maze of eldercare options in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio by providing a unique combination of elder care consulting and care management.

Mick Koffend Accountable Aging Geriatric Care Managers
Mick Koffend
Director of Services


  • Anyone facing an eldercare crisis who doesn't know where to turn.
  • Families coping with elders who have physical disabilities, memory loss or depression.
  • People who need assistance to maintain their level of independence.
  • Adult children living far away from aging parents.
  • Attorneys, trustees and other professionals who help elders and their families.
  • Pysicians who are concerned about a patient’s ability to transition home after rehabilitation or a hospital stay.

Video explains what a Geriatric Care Manager is and how they can help.


Accountable Aging Care Management work in collaboration with all elder service providers, throughout the continuum of health services and care settings.

Although you will most likely experience only a single point of contact with your care manager, know that he or she is backed up by a multi-disciplinary team that works together on each client situation. Our combined professional experience and personal backgrounds help us provide competent, compassionate solutions to all eldercare issues. Accountable Aging Care Management Reporting

Our team consists of specialists in the following fields:

nursing, social work, government benefits and programs, religion, gerontology, accounting, nutrition, nurse practitioner, education, and dedicated office personnel who support us on a daily basis. You and your family are able to come to us for virtually anything you need or when you don’t know where to begin.

As the issues of aging are not limited to medical concerns, neither is Accountable Aging Care Management.

The advantage of our firm is that our team has experts in many areas from home care, rehabilitation, nursing, faith counseling, financial oversight, social work, government benefits and programs, gerontology and education. Although we work as a team, we provide a single point of contact for the care providers, elder and family. It just makes it easier for everyone.

One of your most important decisions will be identifying the services that are better provided outside the family circle. That is the time to call Accountable Aging Care Management. The Accountable Aging Care Management services listed below focus on the areas of eldercare that address most families' highest priorities.

Accountable Aging Geriatric Care

  • Accountable Aging  Guidance and Planning 
  • Compare suitability costs of home care or residence options
  • Assess and determine next steps (Care Plan)
  • Develop budgets
  • Navigate Social Security benefit
  • Accountable Aging Care Management Care Coordination 
  • Implement Care Plan
  • Research and recommend service providers for specific needs
  • Coordinate caregivers and other services
  • Be the single point of contact for all providers
  • Attend doctors’ visits
  • Check for legal documentation (i.e. Will, Power of Attorney, etc.)
  • Accountable Aging Care Management Financial Management 
  • Review insurance coverage
  • Guide selection of long-term care, Medigap or other insurance and provide cost estimates
  • Work with lenders to resolve credit problems
  • Monitor income and review spending patterns
  • Reconcile Medicare and Medigap remittance records
  • Assist with other insurance claims and reimbursements
  • Provide information on community programs
  • Accountable Aging Care Management Family Facilitation 

Often communication is one of the most challenging, yet essential, aspects of family dynamics.

We can:

  • Mediate family differences as an independent party
  • Respect the opinions and privacy of each person while working toward resolution.

Accountable Aging Care Management Safetynet Services 

Sometimes you just need hands-on assistance to cope with either an emergency or with day-to-day tasks. That’s why Accountable Aging Care Management provides Safety-Net Services, which include:

    Accountable Aging Care Management Medication Management 

  • Create & maintain comprehensive medication list
  • Observe compliance & monitor supply on-hand
  • Conduct risk screening
  • Guide Medicare Part D plan selection
  • Accountable Aging Care Management Monitoring 
  • Check on well being of senior
  • Ensure caregiver performance meets service agreement
  • Accountable Aging Care Management Bill Paying 

  • Gather bills and prepare checks
  • Ensure timely payments to vendors
  • Reconcile bank statements on a monthly basis

We can help!

If you're having trouble navigating the maze of eldercare decisions, Accountable Aging Care Management can help! Contact Accountable Aging Care Management to discuss your situation or complete our Request for Information form below.

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