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AseraCare Hospice - Austin

AseraCare Austin - Hospice Care 

14205 Burnet Rd. | Austin, TX 78728
(512) 218-9890

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Medicare Approved & CHAPS Accredited.
Community Health Accreditation Program, Inc.

About AseraCare Hospice

AseraCare Hospice, serving the Austin area, offers a full range of hospice and palliative care services for terminally ill patients, including medical care, nursing care, social worker counseling, volunteer services, spiritual support, physical, occupational and speech therapy, personal care assistance, nutrition counseling and bereavement counseling.

AseraCare Hospice serves the Texas counties of Comal, Hays, Travis, Williamson, Milam, Blanco, Llano, Burnet, Lampasas and Bell.AseraCare Hopsice Austin Texas

Our primary goal is to make each patient comfortable, enabling them to continue an alert, pain-free life and to assure a patient's last days may be spent with dignity, supported by their loved ones and our caring staff.

AseraCare Hospice helps our patients achieve greater independence by providing the care services they need within the comfort of their own homes. From nursing assistance to rehabilitation therapy, AseraCare Home Health offers a full range of home health care services.

Our skilled and experienced staff provides care to patients following joint replacement, surgery, injury, cardiac episodes and major illnesses.

AseraCare Hospice Programs

What is Hospice? Asera Care HospiceOur hospice program consists of both palliative and supportive services that provide physical, psychological, social and spiritual care for terminally ill persons and their families. It is a comprehensive, medically directed, team-oriented program that accentuates pain control and symptom management for patients who no longer respond to routine aggressive medical care.

Each patient has individual needs, and our team looks at the whole person, not just the physical manifestations of the disease process. It is a comprehensive, medically directed, team-oriented program that accentuates pain control and symptom management for patients who no longer respond to routine aggressive medical care. The focus of hospice care is palliative rather than curative in nature.

If you are confined to the home but need ongoing medical care, our home health staff can design a comprehensive healthcare program to meet your needs. And doctor-prescribed hospice care is a compassionate alternative for terminally ill patients and their families.

When to Contact AseraCare Hospice

Aseracare Austin Hospice CareHospice care begins when a personal terminal illness no longer responds to routine, aggressive medical treatment.

Care can take place in a private home, or it may occur in an assisted living center, a nursing home, a hospital or other long-term care facility.Our common goal is to reduce the stress and pressure on you and your family . . . allowing you to make the most of the time you spend together.

  • Your doctor directs the medical care.
  • Nursing staff helps manage physical symptoms, and provide the doctor with important clinical
  • information.
  • Social workers counsel families and patients to help them understand the emotions they will
  • experience during this difficult time.
  • Volunteers give one-to-one attention to patients, sharing the valuable gift of time.
  • Spiritual coordinators support the patient's spiritual beliefs, and assist in meeting spiritual
  • end-of-life needs.
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapists provide rehabilitative support.
  • Home health aides and homemaker services address the patients€™s personal needs.
  • Dietary staff provides nutrition counseling to the patient and family.
  • Bereavement staff counsels families for 13 months as they cope with grief and loss after a
  • loved one's death.

Paying for Hospice

Hospice care is a benefit under Medicare, Medicaid (in some states) and many private insurance companies. As such, the patient or family will see cost savings on certain medications and equipment related to the terminal illness. Regardless of the family's ability to pay for hospice, no patient is ever denied services because of an inability to pay for them.Hospice Care Austin

This is also a common misconception about hospice care. It is not necessary for Hospice patients to have signed a DNR/DNI order prior to admission. The hospice team will continue to educate the patient and/or provide them resources regarding advance directives and end-of-life decisions.

AseraCare Austin Accreditations

Community Health Accreditation Program, Inc. (CHAP) The leader in improving the quality of community-based healthcare services in the U.S. CHAP provides healthcare consultation services to facilities, as well as a broad network of professional staff resources. AseraCare Hospice is CHAP accredited as a whole and is working towards deemed status for all individual agency location

If you think someone you know could benefit from hospice, or if you would like more information about our services, please contact us at (512) 218-9890 or complete our Request for Information form below.Community Health Accreditation Program, Inc. (CHAP)

AseraCare Hospice Austin Texas
"Emphasizing the quality of life ... not the duration."


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