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Silverado Senior Living Austin

South Austin Memory Care Facility

Silverado Senior Living South Austin Memory Care

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Silverado Senior Living Austin - South Austin Memory Care Facility

Silverado Senior Living Austin
Assisted Living and Memory Care
11330 Farrah Lane | Austin, TX 78748 {map}
Tel: (512) 280-2030

Picture your loved one at Silverado Senior Living Austin. Silverado Senior Living offers exceptional memory care, including care for those with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Lewy-body and other types of dementia. Our Austin memory care community features beautiful garden paths, comfortable outside areas as well as engaging daily activities that can help slow the progression of physical and cognitive decline.

Silverado Senior Living  Austin

Expert Care in Austin
When you look for a senior care community to take care of your loved one with dementia, it is important to consider their progressive health needs. At Silverado Senior Living Austin, our associates are specially trained in memory care techniques and our around-the-clock licensed nurses are there to provide expert care that addresses individual needs. 

Physician Medical Director and 24-Hour Nursing Care
Our specialty memory-care community in Austin has a board-certified physician as Medical Director to help address the complex health conditions of each resident.
Silverado Senior Living  Austin - 24 Hour Nursing Care

Often time, the progression of dementia can make it difficult for residents to express concerns or problematic symptoms. Silverado nurses are skilled in providing comprehensive assessments and because they are on-site 24 hours a day, there is no delay in contacting physicians and families when there is a change of condition.

  • Registered Nurse - full-time, on-site as Director of Health Services
  • Licensed Nurses - full-time, on-site, every shift, seven days/week

Individualized Care Plans
Silverado Senior Living  Austin - Individulized Care Plans
An individualized Nursing Care Plan is developed for every resident at the time of initial move-in and updated frequently. The Care Plan is comprehensive and includes consideration of specific health conditions, family requests and personal needs.

Response to an Acute Illness
With 24 hour nursing on-site, a resident will get prompt attention if there is an acute illness. Common infections in the elderly such as urine or respiratory infections are assessed early, treatment can be started promptly and serious health crises are often avoided. In turn, this approach helps reduce the unnecessary and often traumatic relocation to a hospital or multiple care settings.

Restorative Care
Silverado Senior Living Austin - Restorative Care
Silverado Senior Living Austin has developed its own specialized program of Restorative Care. Caregivers and nurses receive special training in how to enable our dementia residents to preserve their abilities to remain mobile, self-feed and remain independent for as long as possible. Silverado's Restorative Aides also assist residents who have physically declined or suffered a fall, to regain their abilities and remain as active as possible.

Silverado Restorative Care is a therapeutic approach designed to maintain and enhance our residents’ physical abilities and, in turn, their quality of life. Specifically developed for individuals affected by memory loss, Restorative Care helps reduce the onset of physical conditions such as mobility loss and muscle decline.

At various Silverado communities, the benefits of this program have included:

  • Improved mobility and range of motion
  • Reduction in falls and fractures
  • Appropriate reduction of medications
  • Decreased anxiety and improved demeanor

Silverado Senior Living Austin - Lobby AreaSilverado Senior Living Austin - TV Lounge AreaSilverado Senior Living Austin - Dining Area

A Special Focus on the Family at Silverado Senior Living Austin
Family support is crucial in the world of dementia care. It is a difficult disease, but we are here to support and empower you through the process. A full-time Master's degree-level Social Worker is onsite to help provide education on a variety of issues, from family discussions to life planning for the future. Monthly Family Support Groups are available to the public, and include onsite care during the meeting at no charge. Additionally, our frequent Family Night outings offer family caregivers a much-needed night of their own. 

About Silverado Senior Living
Silverado Senior Living operates Memory Care Assisted Living communities in California, Arizona, Illinois, Texas, Utah, and Washington – providing personalized care options for individuals at all levels of need, from basic in-home support, to complex dementia management within a community setting and through the end of life. In support of this continuum of services, Silverado maintains research affiliations with the University of California, Los Angeles; University of Southern California; University of California, San Diego; Stanford University; Baylor (Texas) College of Medicine; and the University of Utah; among others.

For more information about Silverado Senior Living Austin, to request a copy of our brochure, or to arrange a tour please contact Silverado Senior Living Austin at (512) 280-2030 or complete our Request for Information form below.

 Silverado Senior Living Onion Creek, Austin, Texas

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