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Smart Care Technology - Houston, TX

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Smart Care Technology (apps, devices) - Houston, TX.
New methods of providing care and monitoring elderly family members is now necessary to meet the needs of families. Three breakthrough innovations utilizing state of the art technology are now available to meet these needs. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a technology to enable monitoring of patients in their home, which may increase their access to care and decrease healthcare delivery costs. For patients with dementia that are at risk for falls, RPM technology promotes safety and prevents harm through continuous surveillance.

Apps and Devices for People With Dementia

Theora Care by Clairvoyant Networks | App for Caregivers & Elderly Caregivers

Theora Care by Clairvoyant Networks, LLC

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SERVING ALL OF TEXAS - At Theora Care, we want to help all caregivers by providing affordable, useful technology to create a positive impact on their lives with more peace of mind, and the lives of their care recipients by helping them stay in their own homes longer. The Theora Link Smartphone App is an easy to use app that allows care partners to be in touch with their care recipients wearing Theora Connect via cellular, two-way audio, and GPS locator, with caregiver text notifications for status. Theora Care connects you quickly with your loved ones who needs instant help via our GPS tracker mobile app called Theora LinkTM. Serving Texas including Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Plano, and Sugar Land. MORE DETAILS >>

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