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Advertiser Recommendations & Testimonials


Advertiser Recommendations and Testimonials

Below are a few recommendations from satisfied companies who advertise with us. Please feel free to contact any of them directly. Elder Options of Texas was founded by Cheryl Culbertson.

Red Arrow Beth Wendel Woods - President, Peach Marketing
We currently advertise all ten of o
ur 55+ apartment properties (for active adults) with Elder Options and receive the majority of all our leads from them. I highly recommend you add Elder Options to your mix, and watch the number of referrals/leads grow! Cheryl is a gem to work with, too! Mariposa Apartment Homes

Red ArrowJackie Weissmiller, Vice President - Veritee Property Solutions
Merritt Communities have advertised their affordable senior 55 plus apartment communities (Leander Station Senior Village, Creekside Villas Senior Village, Bluffs Landing Senior Village, Merritt Hill Country, and San Gabriel Senior Village)  with Elder Options of Texas since 2010 and we continue to advertise here as we receive quality daily leads. Seniors are able to navigate around the Elder Options website with ease and EO list many resources to help Seniors define what they particularly need for their living arrangement and where to obtain. Cheryl is an absolute delight to work with, extremely professional and her response time is excellent.

Red Arrow Julie Hill, Owner / CALA - Denton Creek Senior Living
Denton Creek Senior Living has been using Elder Options of Texas for advertising our community as well as a resource for information for our business and our residents. Elder Options has sent us many referrals and we feel they are very caring and supportive. They are our number one choice because of their wealth of information and user friendly web site. Cheryl is amazing to work with and will help you in any way possible. Thank you Elder Options!

Red Arrow Tracey Kruse, COO, Encompass Home Health and Hospice
Our organization has been a partner with Elder Options of Texas since 2009 and in that time, we have seen that relationship grow and bring value to our company. Originally, our primary goal was to draw potential clients or patients to our company. As a home health and hospice company, we serve the geriatric population in our state, and we have seen many of our clients find us through Elder Options of Texas. An unexpected benefit of our advertising has been to also draw potential employees to Encompass. We feel blessed to have this avenue of drawing those that have a heart for serving the elderly in Texas as workers that can provide homecare services. Lastly, we also have opportunities to point inquiries to other advertisers as we uncover not only their need for home health or hospice, but other services that will benefit them at this point in their lives. It is always a pleasure working with Cheryl as she continues to help us find the best way to promote our services and company opportunities to the right audiences. We would highly recommend Elder Options of Texas as a solid partner in serving our communities and our state.

Red Arrow Brenda Dever-Armstrong CEO/Owner at The Next Horizon SR/Military Locator
My Seniors and Military Placement, Resources and Lifetime Advocate business has grown so much in the past 14 years, thanks to many of our leads from Elder Options. I highly recommend you add Elder Options in advertising your business and watch it grow! Cheryl is on top of everything and offers great suggestions when wording your Ad. She is awesome to work with and has a great website!

Red Arrow Robert Wade, CPA, CEO - Texas Reverse Mortgage, Inc.
Elder Options of Texas was the first company we approached to help with providing leads for Reverse Mortgages. Since we only operate in Texas it is a natural fit for us. The leads we receive are all legitimate folks who truly have an interest in a Reverse Mortgage and normally we are the first company to discuss it with them, which gives us a distinct advantage. When we explain that our Loan Officers all live in Texas and that we try to visit each borrower in person to answer their questions they really appreciate that service. Cheryl is great to work with and went out of her way when we first started by actually finding our logo for us.

Red Arrow Gail Eissler, Owner and Executive Administrator
Home Vitality Care In-Home Senior Care NW Houston
We have used Elder Options of Texas for several years for our lead service and added market exposure and have been very happy with the services. Cheryl is wonderful to work with and also provides a great deal of useful resource material on the site.

Red Arrow Megan Walker, Property Manager
Stone Brook Seniors, in San Marcos, has been advertising with Elder Options since I became manager here, two years ago. In that time our average occupancy has increased from 88% to 96% and a large part of that increase can be attributed to the leads generated by our Elder Options listing! We receive, on the average, 2-3 information requests DAILY! Thank you, Elder Options!"

Red Arrow E. King Cole,
Texas Reverse Mortgage Loan Originator
I've used Elder Options of Texas for my Internet search manager and lead generator for many years. I always come back simply because it works. Cheryl is wonderful to work with. Thank you Cheryl.

Red Arrow Greg Lubojacky | President and Owner - Homewatch CareGivers of The Woodlands and North Houston -I found Elderoptionsoftexas.com while doing internal SEO work, after noticing that the site was consistently highly ranked in my key word search. I decided to sign up immediately thereafter. The sign up process was a breeze, and the owner, Cheryl, is hugely responsive. I look forward growing my company with the help of this highly recommended site.

Red Arrow Michelle Trahan, Division Coordinator - Acadian Total Security
Acadian On Call has been advertising with Elder Options of Texas since 2008. We receive many leads from their website and are proud to be associated with this wonderful company! Advertise with Cheryl and you will see a definite increase in your referral rate.

Red Arrow Ray Werley, Owner of Corporate Marketing Associates
I handle all marketing for Lone Star Reverse Mortgage, Inc. and we consistently advertise on the Elder Options of Texas website. It is truly an amazing resource for aging Texans. The site is a credible and useful resource for Texas seniors. And, working with Cheryl is an absolute pleasure.

Red Arrow Hamid Mangalji, Managing Partner - Cardinal Senior Care San Antonio
We have been working with EOT for several years and find them to really have the seniors at heart. Not only do they send us referrals, but we find them to be a great resource for individuals; it is this piece that makes them special. As the demand for information grows we feel that EOT will continue to be a great place for individuals to find and research the information they need.

Red Arrow Wesley E. Wright - Wright Abshire, Attorneys
Our elder law firm has been a customer for several years and we renew every year.

Red Arrow Mary Koffend, President - Accountable Aging Care Management - Austin, Bryan/College Station, Dallas and San Antonio. Our company has advertised with the Elder Options of Texas website for several years. This is the only site on which we advertise because we receive good inquiries from the people who review the site. Thanks, Cheryl, for providing this quality service for us and others.

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