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Fidel Garza IV (Owner and Founder)

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Elder Transportation Services provides special accommodation to senior and disabled seniors that are hearing and visually impaired and others that have walkers, canes, and wheelchairs. Our vehicle accommodates seniors or disabled seniors that are able to move in and out of a wheelchair into a four-door sedan vehicle.

Elder Transportation Services is one of few Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) models to represent transportation as an advantage to seniors and disabled seniors. One, we partner with some of Texas’s largest in-home care organizations, assisted living centers, and independent living centers to better the transportation disadvantages.

Cost: We have a $25.00 base charge. This means that for every scheduled ride there is a $25.00 charge regardless. In addition, there is a $.50 per minute charge.

Medicaid and Medicare will only pay for immobile persons. For example, if a person cannot stand or walk. then they are considered immobile. Certain Medicaid and Medicare plans will cover non-emergency medical transportation services up to a set limit.

You may be able to get non-emergency ambulance transportation if you have a written order from your doctor saying that ambulance transportation is medically necessary. If you would like to schedule a same day appointment, please call 2 hours before. For best results, please schedule an appointment 24 to 48 hours in advance. We do not offer on-demand ride requests at the moment.

Elder Transportation - Para-Transit ServicesPara-Transit Services

If you're a senior living with a physical disability, please ask about our Para-transit services. Paratransit is recognized for providing special transportation services for people with disabilities, often provided as a supplement to fixed-route bus and rail systems by public transit agencies.

Cost: Elder Transportation Services offers local Para-Transit services Elder Transportation Services for $1.50 / one-way trip within a 15-mile radius of your physical pick-up location.

Destination Options

Each rider will have an option to choose an ending destination. Riders can request a pick-up time from their medical appointment over the phone when they request a ride.  The following are some examples of pick-up and drop-off destinations that Elder Transportation Services will accommodate.

  • Dentist appointments
  • Dialysis appointments
  • Doctor's appointments
  • Eye appointments
  • Urology appointments
  • Neurology appointments
  • Retinal appointments
  • Psychology appointments
  • Pharmacy
  • Entertainment centers
  • Long distance transportation, including: Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston.
  • And more!

Driver Responsibility

Elder Transportation Services Driver Responsibility Program ensures that each of our drivers perform exceptional service to our riders. Drivers will uphold exceptional service standards during every ride. Below is a list of our service responsibilities.

1. Meet and greet every rider before performing transportation services. During this time, drivers will introduce themselves and get to know each rider personally. Transportation for seniors

2. Drivers will escort their rider to the car, offer additional help before entering the car, including opening the door and closing the door, and buckling in each rider.

3. Drivers will make sure that the inside temperature satisfies each rider before starting a scheduled ride.

4. Drivers will make sure to follow state speed limit postings on each road, interstate, and highway.

5. Drivers will assist each rider to their location and perform additional services to help them exit the vehicle.

6. Drivers will review each ride and report to their community center at the end of the week.

Our Hiring Process

Elder Transportation Services provides a preliminary employment hiring process. All drivers are fingerprinted and screened for criminal history. This safety mechanism ensures driver and rider safety during each trip and reduces the liability and risk due to unforeseen circumstances.

"Take control of your life and make plans for better transportation services. Access cost-efficient and reliable transportation services and remove the barriers to transportation with Elder Transportation Services' Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) programs".

About Us

Elder Transportation Services strives to offer exceptional quality service to all our riders. We guarantee to ensure effective and efficient transportation accommodation when you are ready. The demand for senior transportation and non-emergency medical transportation services are high and with that comes great responsible actions.

Elder Transportation Services looks to create a trustworthy business reputation because we are an experience driven business with the knowledge and dedication to help improve the transportation industry. Below are testimonials from a few of Elder Transportation Services passengers.

Contact Us

To arrange for transportation services or if you have any questions, please call (512)-963-9673, or complete the Request for Information form below.



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