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    Home Modification And Mobility Solutions For Aging and Disabled.

    Home Modification And Mobility Solutions For Aging and Disabled.

    Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists

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Home Comfort Solutions is a private pay home modification company offering total mobility solutions. Our offices are located just off State Highway 249 in Northwest Houston. This allows us to service any location in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area.

We are a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) company offering home modification and mobility solutions to the aging and disabled population so they can remain at home and age in place. This designation program teaches the technical, business management, and customer service skills essential to competing in the fastest growing segment of the residential remodeling industry: home modifications for the aging-in-place. 

Pat Denison, OwnerPat and Reding Denison
Father and Son, Owners

Home Comfort Solutions construction crews are highly experienced and qualified installers. Our management staff has over 30 years in construction supervision. Home Comfort Solutions is a ďtotal solutionĒ provider, which means we handle everything from evaluating your needs and installing products to routine maintenance and repair. This gives us full control over our process which means we are there for the customer until completion.

Our company, Home Comfort Solutions, exists to provide innovative products and services focused on improving the living space for aging and disabled individuals, thus allowing them the dignity to remain living safely and independently in their home.

Aging In Place Products We Carry

Walk in Shower for disabled.Bathroom Modifications for Disabled Individuals

Mobility challenges can make simply showering difficult and dangerous. We offer solutions to convert existing bathtubs to walk in showers designed for seniors and disabled persons. Our bathing products are built without the need to step up over an edge.

We incorporate non-slip surfaces, seating, and grab bars to create a safe and comfortable environment for bathing. Home Comfort Solutionís showers will enable your loved ones to remain safe, healthy, and independent.

When it comes to independence, a bathroom remodel is essential. The right features will help those with disabilities maintain their dignity in a particularly vulnerable space. Features can include adding hand rails and non-slip flooring, installing extra seating, adjusting counter and sink heights, widen doorways, and so much more.

Many wheelchair users find that an inaccessible bathroom means they cannot use the toilet independently. Accessible home remodeling can solve this problem by expanding the space surrounding a toilet to accommodate a wheelchair. We can also add guard rails, hand bars, and other features to make self-transfers easy.

Golift Ceiling LiftGolift Ceiling Lift

Moving or positioning a patient has never been easy and secure. However, thanks to GoLift Patient Lift, this is no longer the case! This ceiling attached system is a wonder in itself and counts for great aesthetics. The sleek body design gives a pleasing outlook and is highly efficient. Furthermore, the smooth edges of the GoLift ceiling lift allow for greater control and prevention of infections. Additionally, the absence of cracks makes the system easy to clean and alleviates the spread of microorganisms.

This lifting system is super easy to operate; it only requires a single touch on the capacitive touch hand control system. The powerful metal-gears and ultra-modern battery technology make it possible to transfer a patient weighing 400lbs. The best part is that it is all done in a single movement. For heavier patients, a combination of two systems can be used for flexible and comfortable transferring. GoLift Patient Liftís system is suitable for any workspace and movement requirements.

Wheelchair Access RampsWheelchair Access Ramps

A key part of staying independent at home is getting in and out. Ramp systems are one of the simplest and least costly ways to improve access. Ramps require minimal changes to existing structures and do not require any power. They can provide access for those with wheelchairs, crutches, canes, or walkers.

Ramps are usually installed in much less time than other solutions, being therefore a great remedy when timing becomes an issue. Ramps are a simple way to make a home accessible. They are quick and easy to install while also being more affordable than other options. Users also love that ramps can be installed without changing other features of the home. This way, your home can become accessible while still being the same space you know and love.

Shower Modifications for the Disabled

An accessible shower is crucial for independence, hygiene, and basic comfort. Luckily, there are plenty of options for shower accessibility. Shower benches, chairs, hand bars, and non-slip, waterproof flooring are all easy fixes that can make a huge difference. Detachable shower heads and easy-access soap dispensers can also make the showering process easier. GoLift Ceiling Lifts can make moving a loved one around the bathroom safe and easy.

A full shower renovation is another option to consider. This process will transform your traditional bathtub into a walk-in shower. These showers do not have doors or steps, making them easy to access while using a walker or wheelchair. We can custom-make a walk-in shower to accommodate a specific device or mobility issue, which means personalized comfort is just one renovation away.

We Also Install

  • Grab Bars
  • Shower Chairs
  • Shower Heads and Hoses
  • Low-Rise Dams
  • Toilet and Bathing Lifts
  • Non-Slip Flooring
  • Faucets, Sinks, and Counters for Wheelchair Accessibility
  • Outlets and Switches

 How to Get Started...

 You Can Remain Independent and Comfortable At Home

Home Comfort Solutions...No one wants to lose their independence due to health or mobility issues. Yet thousands of elderly and disabled Americans leave their homes every day for a care facility or institution.

 However, roughly 90% of seniors would prefer to remain in their own home. This is why it is so important for family and friends to assess their loved oneís situation and find the best possible solution.

Home Comfort Solutions will work with you and your loved ones to create a comprehensive, affordable solution for your family. Feel free to schedule any care provider(s), such as nurses, therapists, etc. to be present during your home evaluation as well. Our Certified Specialists will review potential issues and hazards, as well as presenting some possible solutions. All proposals will be summarized in a written report that you can use to review your options.

Depending on the recommendations made and the solutions you choose, Home Comfort Solutions will guide you through the rest of the process. We will source all the materials and perform all necessary labor, and present a single point of contact for all services. With our Certified Specialists leading your project, you will be kept informed throughout the entire process. We will coordinate suppliers, laborers, and products and present you with a single, simple invoice.

Home Comfort Solutions will perform an evaluation to assess potential hazards often found around the interior and exterior of your home. This step-by-step evaluation focuses on safety, accessibility, and the joy of remaining independent in the comfort of your own home.

We practice Covid 10 Protocols

Home Comfort Solutions will work with you and your loved ones to create a comprehensive, affordable solution for your family. Contact us today to schedule in-home assessment.

Feel free to schedule any care provider(s), such as nurses, therapists, etc. to be present, as well. Our Certified Pros will review potential issues and hazards, as well as presenting some possible solutions. All proposals will be summarized in a written report that you can use to review your options.

Financing Available

We offer financing options through CareCredit, a healthcare credit card designed for your health, and wellness needs. It's a way to pay for the costs of many treatments and procedures and allows you to make convenient monthly payments. Apply for Care Credit today to pay for your health, wellness and personal care needs. Ask for more details!

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