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    Keep Safe Care provdes in-home senior caregivers to seniors, the elderly and the disabled throughout Austin, TX.  

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Keep Safe Care
offers reliable, consistent, and talented caregivers for non-medical in-home care. What makes us different from other Private Duty Agencies is that we apply a matching algorithm which matches Careseekers with a caregiver based on a set of requirements from the Careseeker.

Having a caregiver come into your home is a big step, so it is important that offer you a caregiver who matches not only your care needs but also your personality. What makes Keep Safe Care unique is how we match you with the most compatible caregiver and also allow the caregiver to agree on the match. We want to ensure a rightness-of-fit before a caregiver starts working for you.

We provide several different caregivers options and include the Careseeker in the selection of the caregiver.

 In addition, we offer:

Blue heartA sliding fee scale (the more care needed, the less clients pay per hour)
Blue heartNo minimums (hours) / No contracts
Blue heartNo upfront payments
Blue heartAn online schedule which gives flexibility in changing a client’s hours with the caregiver
Blue heartAn online care plan with electronic sign off of tasks performed
Blue heartAutomated / billing and payment weekly via credit card
Blue heartTransportation for people with mobility or cognitive impairments via our partnership with Ride Health.

Ride Health - Austin TX non medical senior transportation. 

Improving the Senior Transportation Experience!

Keep Safe Care can arrange health care related transportation via Ride Health for you or a loved one. Millions of patients today struggle with transportation barriers that impact their ability to access quality health care and basic social needs. Existing transportation resources are limited, requiring advance notice, long pickup windows, and endless games of telephone between coordinators, drivers, and patients.

Ride Health
built the first integrated transportation solution, leveraging a new operating model that directly connects each stakeholder through an integrated transportation network, automated communication systems, and technology-enabled human support.
Ride Health believes that no person should have to forgo healthcare or basic social needs because they cannot get there. Our mission is to ensure every patient, everywhere, has access to the care and resources they need to ensure good health.

 Our Caregivers

Keep Safe Care - Austin TX In Home Caregivers

Keep Safe Care truly empowers caregiving, both with our clients and caregivers. Our purpose is to reduce the stress associated with bringing a caregiver into the home. Through the use of our matching approach, we provide more reliable, dependable, and consistent care.

No more “no shows” or rotating caregivers. Safety and kindness are what we are all about. As a bonus, due to the efficiency of operation, we are able to charge 10% to 25% less than most other private duty agencies in the area, with no minimum hours required.

There are some very disturbing in-home care statistics that estimated the industry average for turnover is 83% and truancy (no-shows) is 25%. Keep Safe Care combats these high truancy and turnover rates by first treating with our caregivers like responsible adults and giving them the tools to deliver great care.

Secondly, Keep Safe Care strives to pay our caregivers substantially more than the industry average and take less in profits from our clients. We use the highest skilled resource available for every client. The result: better, more reliable, dependable, consistent care for our clients; better, happier, more committed caregivers for us.

Keep Safe Care automated Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) reimbursement feature.

We know how expensive private duty care has become in America, and Keep Safe Care reduces the burden and cost of care in the home by offering these three solutions: A sliding fee scale, no minimums for hours or costs, and using automation to keep costs down. Because of this combination, we are able to charge below market rate (which in Austin, Texas is $25/hour) while paying our caregivers more than what most agencies pay. This is our mission and passion.

Everyone wants to save money, and we are no different. So, depending on if you require a little care or a lot, we adjust our pricing to accommodate your needs. The more hours of care you require, the lower cost per hour. It is that simple.

Keep Safe Care - Caregiver Geo-location check-in / check-out.Connected Accountability

Caregiving solution for the modern age.

Keep Safe Care uses the most advanced technology to bring you great care. We use high-tech to deliver the high-touch of care.

Know that your caregiver has arrived on time and is performing the tasks laid out on your customized care plan. Geo-location check-in / check-out is just one of the great features of our mobile app. Caregivers get reminders and are able to check off tasks on a care plan in real time. Chat or exchange photos during care.

You know what is happening with the care of your loved one just by checking right on your smart phone.

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Keep Safe Care ensures you have affordable, reliable, dependable caregiving. Contact Keep Safe Care for your caregiving needs today at (512) 766-0150 or complete our Request for Information Form below.

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