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At Lone Star Reverse Mortgage we exclusively serve Texas senior homeowners. Texas Reverse Mortgages are all we do. We are a Texas owned business and just like you, we are both senior homeowners. We exclusively serve Texas senior homeowners with free, no obligation reverse mortgage information.

We Serve the State of Texas!!

Bob and Debbie Worley 

My name is Bob Worley and my wife’s name is Debbie. I am a 5th generation Texan and very proud of my Texas heritage. Debbie and I have lived in Texas all our lives and we believe in the fundamentals of high personal integrity, honesty and simply doing the right thing.

Debbie  is a native Texan who grew up in Sherman, Texas, north of Dallas. She was an elementary school teacher who taught for 25 years. I also am a native Texan and grew-up in Big Spring, TX. I have vast experience in the field of real estate as a result of more than 20 years as a licensed real estate broker in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area.

Debbie and I are both Seniors and we currently reside in central Texas and provide reverse mortgage services to fellow Texas homeowners. We have been part of the reverse mortgage business almost since its inception in the state of Texas.

Like everyone, we have experienced the ups and downs that life brings but it’s what is inside most of us that defines our ability to be the best we can be. We take great pride in our experience and reputation and Debbie and I pledge to treat you honestly and fairly.

Debbie and I have lived all of our lives in Texas and we believe in the fundamentals of high personal integrity, honesty and simply doing the right thing. As seniors, we have helped hundreds of Texans determine if a reverse mortgage is right for their individual situations.

In the Reverse Mortgage business, EXPERIENCE MATTERS, and we have a combined experience of over 19 years helping Texas homeowners. Texas reverse mortgages are all we do; they’re 100% of our business.

About Reverse Mortgages

A Reverse Mortgage is a loan that allows homeowners ages 62 and older to convert a portion of the equity in their home into tax-free cash. HECM Reverse Mortgage loans are insured and regulated by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

  • What is the difference between a Reverse Mortgage and a home equity loan?

With a traditional mortgage or home equity line of credit, you must meet minimum income and credit requirements to qualify for the loan, and you have to make monthly loan payments. With a Reverse Mortgage, there are no credit requirements nor qualifying credit scores and no income requirements. And, best of all, you do not have to make any loan payments.

  • Do I still own my home with a Reverse Mortgage?

Yes. The Reverse Mortgage lender or bank will not own your home. You keep the title to your home and the lender does not become a titleholder.

  • Does a Reverse Mortgage affect my eligibility for Social Security or Medicare benefits?

No. A Reverse Mortgage does not affect eligibility for Medicare nor Social Security benefits.

Reverse Mortgage Laws

Reverse Mortgage laws in Texas have recently changed, so experience is crucial to navigating through the details of a reverse mortgage and determining what plan of action is right for you. There is no substitute for experience. You need someone who has been through various situations associated with the process and has delivered successful results time and time again for its customers. We complete deals others can’t!

Reverse Mortgage’s have provided much needed help for many senior homeowners and they have solved many of the hardships senior homeowners have encountered. However, we understand every circumstance is different and a reverse mortgage is not always the best solution for someone’s particular situation. So, if a reverse mortgage is not ideal for your individual situation, we will without hesitation, tell you the truth and not encourage you to get a reverse mortgage.

Benefits of Getting a Reverse Mortgage

Lone Star Reverse Mortgage provides senior homeowners with secure lending at the best rates available and we also provide the best product available for your unique and individual needs. Our goal is to provide the information and specific details you need to fully evaluate the opportunities that are available to you.  We will answer all of your questions in a no-obligation, no-pressure environment.

There is no dispute that many Texans have improved their financial situations by taking advantage of the benefits and security a reverse mortgage can offer.

Below are a few of the benefits of a Reverse Mortgage:

  • You will continue to own your own home. The bank does not take title to your home. The deed and title remain in your name.
  • No monthly mortgage payments are ever required with a reverse mortgage. You will continue to be responsible for taxes and insurance on your home.
  • There are normally no out of pocket expenses to close on the reverse mortgage.
  • There are no limitations on how the funds from a reverse mortgage can be used. If you have an existing mortgage and you have enough equity, it will be paid off at funding.
  • Social Security and Medicare benefits should not be affected because this is a loan and is not considered income. (Please confirm with your tax accountant.)
  • You can pay-off credit card and/or medical bills. No limitations on how the funds can be used.
  • You can sell your home if you decide to and any future appreciation is yours after the balance due on the reverse mortgage is paid.
  • This is a non-recourse loan for you and your heirs. This means that if the loan balance is higher than what the home can be sold for, the borrowers or their estate do not have to come up with the difference. Upon your death, your heirs can keep your home by repaying the full loan balance.
  • Reverse mortgages are regulated and insured by FHA.

We Provide Great Customer Service!

We strive to find the best rate that will provide the highest net loan amount for you. Along the way, we give you old-fashioned personalized service that is second to none! We personally meet with 85% of our customers. You will work with the principals of our company, Bob and Debbie Worley .

We don’t send a Notary to you to do our job! We want to personally understand your needs and accurately answer all your questions based on your individual situation. When considering a reverse mortgage, as with any important decision, you should make the decision with all the facts in hand and with all of your questions answered directly and honestly.

Contact Bob or Debbie Today!

We pledge to treat you fairly and honestly. We will answer all of your questions in a no-pressure, no-obligation environment and help YOU decide if a reverse mortgage is in your best interest. We exclusively provide our services to Texas homeowners all throughout our great state. We look forward to speaking with you!

For more information, or to learn more about a Texas Reverse Mortgage, please call Bob or Debbie at (800) 307-9113 or complete our Request for Information form below.

Debbie Worley
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