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South Texas is the area of the state to the south of San Antonio, bordered on the south by the Rio Grande. The terrain is mostly flat, with a diverse climate; from the South Texas Plains, characterized by "brush country" and mesquite trees, to an almost tropical environment in the Rio Grande Valley.

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The Rio Grande separates Texas and Mexico, and South Texas culture, art, cuisine, and history is strongly influenced by a centuries-old exchange with Mexico. Spanish architecture dominates historical areas such as San Antonio’s Mission District; the Mission Espiritu Santo in San Antonio is worth a visit.

South Texas was the scene of much of Texas' turbulent revolutionary history, and the area offers plenty of historic sites relevant to that time period. Perhaps the most famous historical attraction in the region is the Alamo, where legendary adventurer Davy Crocket died fighting for Texan independence.

The Rio Grande valley offers a mild, semi-tropical climate that's ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Every year, numerous species of birds and butterflies descend on this region during their migrations, and it is a major spot for bird watching and butterfly watching. The World Birding Center is a popular spot for visiting birdwatchers, and there are plenty opportunities to hike, camp, bike, swim, and boat year-round at the Choke Canyon State Park and Three Rivers.

San Antonio is one of the region's largest cities. Its rich history includes the Alamo and stunning Spanish architecture, but it also offers other attractions such as the River Walk, a popular spot for daytime shopping and nighttime bar-hopping. There are also plenty of attractions that appeal to families, including the San Antonio Zoo, the San Antonio Children’s Museum, Six Flags, and SeaWorld. Art lovers have plenty of attractions as well, including the McNay Art Museum, the San Antonio Museum of Art, and the Mexican Cultural Institute.

Whether you want to get out and experience the outdoors, enjoy the shops, restaurants, and attractions of a thriving Texas town, or learn about Texas history, South Texas is an ideal place to visit.

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