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The special needs planning lawyers of the Texas-based Shields Law Firm (serving the Greater Houston Area) have years of experience providing compassionate and knowledgeable legal services to our clients. Our firm specializes in Texas Special Needs Trusts, Special Needs Planning and Guardianship.

Whether you are a parent concerned about your child with special needs’ future, an adult with special needs trying to determine eligibility for certain government benefits, or you’re trying to protect the rights and opportunities of a family member with special needs in school or the workplace, we have the experience and the confidence to help.

There are numerous government programs, Social Security resources, and estate planning tools available to those who are eligible. However, determining eligibility is not always a simple task. With the help of an attorney from our firm, we can help you navigate the process so that it is less stressful and you have more time to spend with your loved ones. Shields Law Firm has a family of experienced lawyers highly trained and ready to help you navigate the role of caring for your loved one with special needs.

Texas Special Needs Trust

Special Needs Trust

For those who care for a family member with disabilities, estate planning should be included as one of the essential elements of your special needs planning.

Many of us assume that we will one day find the time to draft our Last Will and Testament, name a power of attorney, determine guardianship, or fund a trust for our beneficiaries. But we keep putting it off until later, believing we have plenty of time. Eventually, time runs out. To better ensure that your family member with special needs or your child with special needs has financial security in the uncertain future, it is important to begin estate planning today.

Special Needs Planning

As gratifying as being the caregiver for someone with a disability can be, it is important that you understand you need not take on this role all on your own. There are services, programs, agencies, and professionals who have dedicated their careers to advocating for those with special needs. With their assistance, not only will you have some of the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders, but your loved ones should also, hopefully, benefit from more opportunities and enjoy a better way of life.

A Texas special needs planning lawyer could be an essential ally in your corner as you explore legal options for your loved one’s education , health care, day-to-day well-being, and estate planning measures to consider for the day when you are no longer here to care for them yourself.

At the Shields Law Firm, our lawyers and associates have years of experience both in helping families through the complexities of special needs law and in special education. If you retain the services of our firm, your attorney will provide assistance in determining eligibility for benefits from federal agencies, look into a child’s eligibility for education programs, and also provide knowledgeable legal advice for establishing a special needs trust and other forms of estate planning which may benefit you and your family.


Guardianship is a legal arrangement by the court to protect vulnerable persons from abuse, neglect, and exploitation by appointing a person, the guardian, to take care of the person or property of a minor or an incapacitated person (sometimes called the ward).

What Makes A Person Incapacitated Under The Law?

A minor (younger than 18 years of age) can be considered incapacitated if they have never married and never had their disabilities of minority removed for general purposes.

In the case of an adult, the individual can be considered incapacitated if they have an intellectual or developmental disability and can not make competent decisions related to personal, medical, or financial matters.

Kevin Piwowarski Shields
Special Education Lawyer

Kevin Piwowarski Shields, Speical Education Lawyer Serving the Greater Houston Area. Kevin’s first special needs case was during law school, fourteen years ago. During that time, Kevin also taught two high school classes in inner-city DC through a law-students-to-public-schools program piloted at Georgetown. He left law school having given legal voice to over a dozen children, including in juvenile matters, school advocacy, superior court trial work, and a federal grand jury investigation.

After earning his law degree, Kevin began a federal practice with one of the country’s largest law firms. There, he handled scores of disability and discrimination cases, gained incredible legal experience, and met his future wife. While Kevin has litigated or negotiated hundreds of client-favorable cases and settlements, he always missed the work that allowed him to fight for his students.

Eight plus years, three children, and two dogs later, he opened a boutique law firm dedicated to special needs matters.

Practice Areas

  • Special Education Law
  • Special Needs Planning
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  • Disability and Civil Rightsaluing, supporting, recognizing, and appreciating our staff who are our greatest asset


  • Georgetown University Law School
  • Juris Doctor
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • Bachelor of Arts

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