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Texas Tax Credit Apartments

Affordable Apartments for Seniors on Fixed Incomes

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Senior apartments that advertise the word "affordable" are generally tax credit apartment communities. You may also often see advertised words such as “Income Restrictions Apply" or "Income Guidelines Apply".

Each senior apartment community has different income requirements and guidelines so it's important to ask when contacting them. Age restrictions for properties may vary from 50 – 62+ depending on the property.

Housing intended and operated for occupancy by persons 55 years of age or older (55+). This is housing in which at least 80% of the units are occupied by at least one person aged 55 or older. In addition, the property must comply with HUD rules regarding verification of such occupancy by reliable surveys and affidavits and publish and follow policies and procedures demonstrating an intent to provide housing for persons 55+.

This provision was amended in 1995 to require all advertising, programs, and policies to clearly state that the property is for older persons. The 1988 law required that such housing provide “significant facilities and services specifically designed to meet the physical and social needs of older persons.”

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As now written, though, the rule requires only that a property have policies and procedures demonstrating an intent to provide housing for this age group. While this is much less restrictive than the requirements for 62+ housing, this exception places more requirements on a property. However, any property intended for older people will certainly meet these requirements, and the 55+ test is generally recommended. Verification that this threshold test has been met is required, which is achieved through reliable surveys and affidavits.

About Texas Tax Credit Apartments

The Texas tax credit program is one of the primary means of directing private capital toward the creation of affordable rental housing. The tax credits provide investors of affordable rental housing with a benefit that is used to offset a portion of their federal tax liability in exchange for the production of affordable rental housing. The value associated with the tax credits allows residences in HTC developments to be leased to qualified families at below market rate rents.

Developer Qualifying Requirements

To qualify for Texas tax credit apartments, the proposed development must involve new construction or substantial rehabilitation of existing residential units (at least $12,000/unit in direct hard costs).

The amount of tax credits that may be applied for depends on: the amount and type of additional funding sources, the total amount of qualified development costs to be incurred, the percentage of rent restricted units set aside in the development for eligible tenants, and location in communities designated as Difficult Development Areas and Qualified Census Tracts.

Each qualified tax credit development must include a minimum percentage of rent restricted units to be set aside for eligible tenants. Pursuant to the Code, a qualified housing development means any development approved by the Department for residential rental occupancy if the development meets either of the following

Red arrow Twenty percent (20%) or more of the residential units in such development are both rent restricted and occupied by individuals whose income is fifty percent (50%) or less AMFI;

Red arrow Forty percent (40%) or more of the residential units in such development are both rent restricted and occupied by individuals whose income is sixty percent (60%) or less of AMFI.

Income Guidelines vs. Variable Pricing Structure

Income Guidelines apply to affordable housing which can vary from 30 – 40 -50 - 60% of the area median income in the specific city in which to property is built. You need to determine which property and then that city has its federally established guidelines, for which your monthly income cannot exceed a certain amount, based on HH of 1 person or 2 persons or 3 persons.

Variable Pricing Structure m
eets the needs of BOTH affordable housing and MARKET RATE apartments that are offered on the same property. Market Rate units have no maximum income guidelines, and usually have upgrades (marble counter, upgraded sinks, tubs, hardware etc..)  Be sure to check with the property you're considering as they can give you the specific guidelines for "affordable" or determine if market rate is your best option.

Texas tax credit apartments may only be claimed on the units that have been set-aside for participation under this program. It is possible, but not required, for development owners to set aside one-hundred percent (100%) of any development for consideration under the tax credit program and in doing so claim the maximum amount of tax credits eligible for the development.

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