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    Theoracare™ by Clairvoyant Network 

    Technology for Caregivers and Aging in Place

    Theora Care by Clairvoyant Networks, LLC

    P.O. Box 16224 | Austin, TX 78716

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Theora Care™ is Clairvoyant’s premiere range of solutions designed to reduce caregiver stress while promoting independence for aging in place senior family members with Alzheimer’s Disease and other memory care and dementia symptoms. The Theora Care remote monitoring solution includes Theora Connect™, an attractive pre-activated wearable for loved ones, which connects directly to the powerful Theora Link™ smartphone app for caregivers. Coupled together, these provide an affordable, easy-to-use complete pre-activated solution to enhance peace of mind for busy caregivers by providing information to know how, when a where a loved one may need attention, and be able to contact them. A great solution for loved ones aging in place, especially if a caregiver cannot be present 100% of the time.

Theora Connect Wearable for Care Recipients and Theora Link Smartphone App for Caregivers

Theora Connect is a stylish wristwatch-style wearable that care recipients love wearing. Combined with the FREE Theora Link Smartphone App for caregivers, it provides a complete remote monitoring solution to keep caregivers and their loved ones connected.

The Theora Link Smartphone App enables caregivers to know a loved one’s status, location, and be able to communicate with them via a cellular interface on the wearable, providing care even when the caregiver cannot be physically present. Download multiple Theora Link apps to create a care team!

One of Theora Link’s key features is a GPS locator service called Safe Zones. With a simple drag-and-drop on your smartphone, caregivers create virtual safety nets to help protect loved ones. If a loved one should stray outside of a Safe Zone, caregivers are notified before family members can get far away.

Quik Connect™, the two-way voice feature, enables caregivers to communicate through the wearable’s speaker, with no button pushing required by loved ones. Should a loved one become confused, lost and unable to answer the built-in phone, caregivers can still reach them via the two-way audio to reassure them that help is on the way.

All this at an affordable price!!

The wearable wristwatch is $197 plus a one-time $40 installation fee. You then only pay a $29.97 monthly service fee for the cellular service that is pre-activated and you never have to deal with the cell phone company. We take care of everything!

Key Features & Benefits​

  • Enhances caregivers’ peace of mind, while keeping loved ones active and independent.
  • GPS locator informs you of your loved one's whereabouts.
  • Safe Zone feature lets you set up specific monitoring zones, and notifies caregivers if a loved one has left the safe area. You can pre-set Safe Zones for frequently used locations such as home, a park, even the grocery store, or easily add safe zones on the fly via an easy drag and drop interface.
  • Quik Connect 2-way voice feature requires no button pushing by care recipient to hear caregiver’s familiar voice.
  • Scalable continuum of care – starts with one Theora Care product, and add additional monitoring solutions when needed.
  • Everything you need to get started is included with Theora Care solutions, even the Theora Connect wearable’s cellular service is pre-activated by the Theora Care Support Team. Our solutions are simple to set-up, and our team is here for questions, should need us.

All Theora Care products can help support persons thriving in place, and are also a great solution for home care and residential care for people with memory loss or the following conditions:

  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • Autism
  • Parkinson’s
  • Down Syndrome
  • Stroke
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Any other reasons caregivers may have for needing help by keeping an extra set of eyes on their loved ones.

About Us

Clairvoyant Networks, LLC, is a services and solutions company focused on the transformative power of technology to solve life and business challenges through data insights. Theora Care™ is Clairvoyant’s premiere range of IoT solutions designed to reduce caregiver stress while promoting independence for senior family members with Alzheimer’s Disease and other memory care and dementia symptoms.

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    Theora Care by Clairvoyant Networks, LLC

    P.O. Box 16224 | Austin, TX 78716

Tel: 512-371-6164 



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