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Active Adult Communities for Adult 55+

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Active adult communities refers to either an age-targeted or an age-restricted community designed for people aged 55 or older (sometimes 50 or older). Active adult communities offer independent, relatively maintenance-free living to residents aged 55 and over. In “age restricted” active adult communities, 80% of homeowners must be 55 and over, while “age-targeted” communities simply market to the 55+ crowd.

Many of the residents continue to work part or full time, which is why the term “active adult retirement communities” is less accurate. The residents are not opposed to children (or grandchildren!) either. Rather, the 55+ component simply assumes that people at the same stage of life probably share a few leisure-time interests and pursuits.

About Active Adult Communities

At its most basic level, “active” means independent, so active adult communities offer no assistance with daily living activities, such as meals, medication, housekeeping and personal care. They do usually present a variety of on-site activities and easy access to natural or cultural attractions, shopping, nearby medical facilities, and large metropolitan areas.

Product offering and community location will greatly determine the lifestyle requirements of your buyer. An active adult buyer's lifestyle requirements within an infill community differ greatly from those who buy in an active adult campus community. Infill active adult communities are typically located in dense residential areas near premium healthcare, shopping, dining and transportation centers. The buyer in this type of community is interested in being with people who have similar interests and hobbies.

They are often still in the workplace, are motivated to remain close to family and friends and generally have lived in the surrounding area for some time. They have a tendency to leave the community for the majority of their entertainment. This is why location of an infill style community is very critical. This buyer appreciates knowing that they will have a new group of friends with whom they will socialize but will have the freedom to be self-guided when it comes to their lifestyle choices.

What Not to Expect

Health care. Independent living communities do not, as a rule, offer round-the-clock skilled nursing care. Most of the time, residents are expected to use local hospitals and doctors’ offices to meet their health care needs. However, the independent living facility may provide transportation to your doctor’s appointments. Some independent living facilities have medical alert devices and round-the-clock managers, so someone is always on site in case there is a health emergency.

Help with activities of daily living. You’ll get help with basic chores and light housekeeping at most independent living facilities, but you won’t get help with more intimate activities—such as bathing, dressing, managing medication, using the toilet, and other activities.

While most independent living facilities do not provide more in-depth help with residents’ medical or personal needs, some are part of continuing care facilities designed to provide for residents’ needs in the more advanced stages of aging.

In these facilities, residents can go from independent living to assisted living, which usually offers help with activities of daily living; to a nursing home when their physical needs require the attention of round-the-clock staff. Do some research into the facilities in your area, and hopefully you’ll be able to find one that suits your needs.

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