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A virtual retirement community, also known as an aging in place community, provides seniors with access to senior living services in their area. For senior citizens who want, and are physically able, to stay in their home, a virtual community is a smart option. The primary goal of an aging in place community is to provide seniors with assisted living services that enable them to remain within their current community.

For many, this is an ideal solution. It allows them to remain in the comfort and security of their network of neighbors and friends. They do not have to deal with the stress and difficulties of trying to make new social connections that are required when moving to a new home. It is quite affordable, while still providing seniors with an essential element of any senior housing option—a sense of community.

Seniors in a virtual community pay an annual membership fee. This money goes to staff who are assisted by volunteers. As a team, these individuals may provide the seniors in the community with a range of services, such as:

  • Transportation to the grocery store, shopping centers, or doctors' appointments

  • Senior outings, such as group trips to a nature park, concert, or movie theater

  • Assemblies and lectures with senior services providers, such as Social Security representatives or medical doctors specializing in mental health issues of seniors

  • Exercise sessions for seniors, such as yoga, water aerobics, or hiking

  • Aid for seniors who need someone to accompany them to appointments

  • Home repairs for seniors

  • Dog walking, pet grooming, or taking pets to vet appointments

  • Hosting potlucks and get-togethers for holidays and special occasions, such as seniors' birthdays

Ultimately these virtual retirement communities can offer almost any type of program or service that its members recommend or request as a group. This gives the seniors the opportunity to create their own community that best serves their needs.

Where Can I Find Virtual Retirement Communities?

One of the best resources for finding virtual retirement communities is the Village to Village Network. You can “Find a Village,” which allows you to search for virtual retirement communities according to city, state, or name.

Otherwise, check your local newspaper, social groups, and online networks to see if there is a virtual retirement community group near you.

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