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Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Tech-Savvy Senior Mom's

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Technology is already a central part of life for older Americans, and the connection with their devices is only expected to grow. By the year 2030, nearly 132 million Americans age 50 and older will spend upwards of $84 billion a year on technology products, a new AARP survey projects. Here are some Mother's Day gift ideas for your tech-savvy mom, or grandmother.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers. Does your grandfather love to play his favorite music around the house? Help him take it up a notch with a set of Bluetooth wireless speakers that will synch with mobile devices—so it’s easy to play off a Spotify list or a collection of iTunes music.  There are even stylish Bluetooth speakers designed to look like gramophones, cassette tapes, and vinyl records. And some go a step further—smart speakers that respond to voice commands, and can turn off lights or play the news or weather on request. Step Tracker

Wearable Tech

Many seniors these days are health-conscious and more active than ever. One great gift idea for health-conscious seniors is a step tracker, such as a Fitbit or smartwatch.  These can come with a lot of features—such as the ability to track the number of calories burned, active minutes and even sleep tracking—as well as more simple varieties. Some even take vital signs.

Bluetooth Tracker

We can all have our moments of forgetfulness. If your mom is prone to misplacing her keys, she might love a Bluetooth tracking device. These items come with a companion smartphone app that allows you to toggle a vibration or alarm that will lead you to the lost object. You can put Bluetooth trackers on your keys, remote control, or anything else you’re prone to losing.

Wireless Headphones

Bluetooth headphones can be great for seniors who like to listen to music or podcasts while working out, taking a walk, cleaning the house—or doing anything else. They’re comfortable, stylish, and some versions are waterproof. Small Photo Printer

Mobile Photo Printer

You don’t need a whole Inkjet to print nice photos these days. If you know a senior who cannot get enough of taking pictures and still loves to have physical copies, look for a small, mobile printer that can be taken anywhere. These photo printers often offer decent quality, and can connect with smartphones, iPads, and other devices.

An Audible or Great Courses Subscription

Some seniors are dedicated to learning new things—no matter their age. The eye strain from extensive reading, however, can have an effect on older people. Help the senior in your life keep reading and learning by signing them up for Audible (which offers digital audiobooks and audio versions of newspapers, magazines, or more), or Great Courses—which offers college-level courses online.

More than 55 million Americans age 50+ are interested in technology that can enrich their lives or make it easier. If you have a tech-aware senior in your life, there are plenty of great gifts out there for them. Start with this list, and chances are you’ll be able to find something she'll love.

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