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What is a Personal Care Home?

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The terms "assisted living" and "personal care home" can be confusing. Sometimes they're used interchangeably, and they can mean different things in different states. However, in Texas, the two are quite different.


What is a Personal Care Home?


A personal care home is a private residences that offer personal care services, assistance and supervision to four or more persons. All personal care homes in Texas, which provide services of a personal care nature to four or more persons unrelated to the owner, must be licensed under the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) licensure requirements.

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The Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) licenses and inspects all Texas personal care homes to ensure compliance with state regulations. Through these regulatory activities, DADS protects Texas citizens who receive long-term care services.

While the state of Texas has strict requirements for the type of care provided on site at assisted living facilities-as well as fire and safety measures on site, depending on the type of facility-personal care homes have no such requirements.

Personal care homes provide care in single-family homes in a neighborhood-like setting rather than in a facility with more of a nursing-home feel. 

There are two types of licensure - Type A and Type B

Type A - In a Type A facility a resident must be physically and mentally capable of evacuating the facility unassisted. This may include the mobile non-ambulatory persons such as those who are in wheelchairs or electric carts and have the capacity to transfer and evacuate themselves in an emergency. This resident does not require routine attendance during nighttime sleeping hours and must be capable of following directions under emergency conditions.

Type B - In a Type B facility a resident may require staff assistance to evacuate and may be incapable of following directions under emergency conditions. They may require attendance during nighttime sleeping hours. The resident may not be permanently bedfast, but may require assistance in transferring to and from a wheelchair.

There are two sizes of Personal Care Homes - Small and Large

Small - Small facilities are defined as those with 16 residents or less.
Large - Large facilities are defined as those with 17 residents or more.

Remember, when finding a personal care home keep in mind that in the state of Texas, they are licensed according to size, type and building safety features so be sure to ask what type of license they have. Some personal care homes host three or fewer residents, and therefore, do not require licensing.


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