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When Hoarding Is a Safety Issue

How Senior Move Managers Can Help

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Dangers of Elderly Hoarding

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More and more our professional move managers are seeing a slight road block on the path that we take to help our clients achieve a successful transition. This road -block is not always obvious at first. Instead, itís usually hidden by a single door in what used to be an office or a gust room. These rooms play host to a growing problem that more and more seniors are finding themselves dealing with.

This roadblock is known as hoarding and when it is not addressed, it poses a large problem for seniors. It is important to note that hoarding situations can occur anywhere, in the home and in senior living communities.

Hoarding has been proven to increase social isolation, stress chronic health conditions, and significantly increase a seniorís risk for dangerous falls. Increased isolation is a significant problem in the senior population, but hoarding can increase the degree of isolation for seniors.

Most often, seniors are embarrassed or fearful to allow people into their home due to a fear of being judged for hoarding. This fear in turn results in seniors avoiding many social interactions that involve their homes and in ultimately a greater degree of isolation from friends and family. When Hoarding Becomes a Safety Issue

When Hoarding Becomes a Safety Issue

Hoarding can stress existing chronic conditions due to the amounts of dust and potential amount of mold that is accumulated on or between hoarded items. Navigating the items accumulated through hoarding proves to be a very real concern for all people involved with a hoarding environment, but the risk of falling while navigating the collections of items proves to be far more significant for seniors in cases of decreased mobility or handicap.

Hoarders can be a difficult issue to approach, but with the help and insight of a Senior Move Manager the process can be relatively simple. In some cases, hoarders can be proud of the items that they have collected or embarrassed. There are even cases where the hoarding does not occur intentionally. Regardless of the type of hoarder, it is very important to put the best interests of the senior first.

How Senior Move Managers Can Help

When working with a senior hoarder, our Senior Move Managers advise you to employ the following tips and tricks.

  • Approach the situation without judgment.
  • Be honest with the individual as to how long the process may take.
  • Start with small tasks or items and work your way up through the de-cluttering process.
  • Group similar tasks or items together.
  • Consistently praise the individual for the progress made in the decluttering process.
  • Donít hesitate to remove an item once a hoarder has agreed to its disposal.
  • Contact a professional if you feel as though the task is too great or if you donít feel as though you can be consistent with the time commitment.Senior Move Managers Can Help Senior Hoarders

Senior Move Managers not only help coordinate relocation, but are also responsible for assisting with the physical and emotional needs of clients as they mobilize their memories and belongings in transition to a new chapter in life.

These transitions can be daunting in the beginning, but with the help of an experienced Senior Move Manager the process of transitioning to a new home or environment can be exciting and restoring.

The move management process brings about wonderful memories and relief as things become carefully organized and tidy.

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