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Expert Safety Tips on Home Modifications for Older Adults 

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Home care services can change to meet every client's unique needs, but by considering the following points and doing a little preparation, you can make the experience a success from day one.

Arranging for in-home care for an elderly member of the family is an important decision and requires a lot of preparation. Often, preparing for this change can be absolutely overwhelming. Preparing your elderly loved one for in-home care is the first step. Next, prepare the home.

Consider the daily barriers preventing your loved one from living their ideal life, the things they value most and the things you worry about when you think about them living alone. Be sure to discuss these goals, tasks and concerns with any agency you are considering and learn how they plan to meet these needs.

Little "extras" can make an hugs difference:

  • Install anti-scald devices in showers and faucets

  • Choose smoke detectors with strobe lights and vibrate features

  • Select carbon monoxide detectors with a high sensitivity rating

  • Install "grab bars" in the shower and bath

  • Consider motion sensors and other security features that alert to a lack of motion

Once you've made the choice to provide in-home care for an elderly member there will be many things you need to take care of. At first, your decision may overwhelm you and create a lot of stress.

However, with advanced planning, this stress can be easily alleviated. Here are some tips to help make the transition a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Accept Change is Coming

Depending on the level of care one may experience dramatic changes to their or your lifestyle, or perhaps  just negligible ones. In either case, you and your family need to accept and embrace the change that in-home care will bring, not expecting things to remain exactly as they were before.

Speaking of family, it is most critical to discuss all decisions surrounding in-home care with members of the family since they will be affected by it as well.

Consider having monthly family meetings so that issues regarding the in-home care can be addressed and everyone's opinions and concerns can be voiced. Make sure responsibility is divided equally so that no one person is stretched beyond their limits.

Knowing where all your family members stand in terms of in-home care will allow you to anticipate and properly prepare for any challenges that may arise along the way.

In terms of physical surroundings, you will soon realize that you might need certain modifications to make in-home caregiving easier.

Eliminating Clutter

Having a messy environment in general makes it hard to get things done. Obstructed pathways pose a safety risk for your elders, and so having an organized and clutter free environment is key.

Sometimes you might need to implement home modifications and repairs to make it more comfortable for your loved one. This could be anything from installing a walk-in bath tub to facilitate easy bathing, to installing a ramp for wheelchairs if necessary.

It is vital that you remember to take care of your own well-being through the entire process of providing home care. Caregiving in itself is very demanding, and can take a toll on anyone. A common side-effect of caregiving is neglecting oneself - and often this is only realized too late. Caregiving can take a toll on anyone. In the process of giving care, make sure not to neglect yourself. Allocate some personal time, and remember to eat and sleep well. Make sure to stay emotionally fit, and take a break every now and then, giving yourself the attention and care you rightly deserve.

Keeping the above considerations in mind should help you prepare for in-home care effective, and reduce any potential stress you might have. Ultimately, you will find that in-home care giving is a wonderfully fulfilling process - not only for your dearly loved elders, but also for you.

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