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Alzheimer's and Dementia GPS Tracking Devices

How Tracking Devices Keep Individuals with Alzheimer's Safer

GPS Tracking Devices for Alzheimer's Patients 

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Wandering is a behavior that commonly affects those diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. ... Fortunately, location devices with GPS tracking technology have introduced a new way for caregivers and families to prevent wandering emergencies in loved ones.

GPS tracking devices for Alzheimer’s patients are becoming very popular and are now available in a number of different forms today. GPS tracking devices offers peace of mind for Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers. Real time GPS tracking devices help find elderly Alzheimer’s patients.

Locating Alzheimers GPS Tracker devices can help find a person who is lost are new to the industry but the technology is quickly developing. The best choice depends on the person.

  • Locating devices use a transmitter installed in items such as a wristband or cell phone.
  • A wristband can be worn at all times and does not require the person to operate the tracking device.
  • A cell phone on the other hand does require the person to remember to carry it and know how to use it.

The following companies develop and sell Alzheimer's GPS Tracker Devices:

GPS of Texas
Telephone: (210) 587-7634
With offices in Austin, Dallas / Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston
Website: http://gpsoftx.com/alzheimers-tracking.html
Description: Alzheimer’s Vehicle Tracking. Protect the ones you love with GPS Tracking. Our Personal WatchDog is a small but economical GPS tracking device that provides the user with the exact location and speed of the vehicle. It also allows you to remotely unlock the doors, disable the starter, and includes alarm notification, theft notification and much more.

C/Alcazaba 12
Alqueria de Almanzor 41808
Espartinas-Seville (Spain)
Phone: (917) 310-0973
Website: www.keruve.com
Description: The best locator for people with Alzheimer's. Keruve is a direct locator especially designed for people with Alzheimer’s that still have autonomy and their families. Keruve consists of a GPS wristwatch with safety lock for the person with Alzheimer’s to wear and a portable receive for the family or caregiver. The caregiver, by simply pressing the locate button on the receiver, will generate a map on the screen with the exact position of the person wearing the GPS watch.

SATX Technologies
7543 Grissom Rd. Suite 127A
San Antonio, TX 78251
Phone: 210-899-1033
Website: https://satxtechnologies.com
Description: A Veteran owned company providing GPS Tracking solutions for the elderly throughout the State of Texas. We offer a few different solutions such as wearable devices, magnetic car trackers, and also wristwatches. Our devices have helped hundreds sons and daughters ensure their loved ones are safe. We offer a free app for your smartphone with unlimited users to ensure real time tracking visibility 24-7.

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